Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Good bye my lover

A very sad ending to what supposed to be a once in a lifetime journey

10th February 2013

I do believe that things happen, and hopefully it happened for a reason

I planned everything already, so that I can have fun for the last 2 days of my stay here in Thailand - Take the Aiport Rail Link to Raemkhenheng, and then take a cab straight to Sirthorn Steak House, to have my halal Korean Buffet dinner. And then, take the Airport Rail Link again to Rachaprapop, and spend a few hours drinking coffee inside a 24 hours fast food restaurant, and at 2 AM go to the Rad Fai Flower Market to see beautiful fresh flowers from all over Thailand.

After that, take the morning bus to Hua Hin, and spend some quality time there while waiting for my train back to Malaysia at 7 PM. It was perfectly planned, at least for me, until something shitty happened. 

I left my camera inside a green coloured cab, in front of Sirthorn Steak House.

I panicked, and didn't know what to do.  I calmed down, and immediately went to the Musolla at the restaurant to perform my prayer. After that, I called Fred.

"Hello Fred,  Adam here"
"Yeah, what's up"
"I left my camera inside a green cab"

In Bangkok, there are a lot of different coloured cab, from different company.

"Oh...oh..that is bad"
"Yeah, do you by any chance have their number (the company) ? "
"No. But what you can do is, take the number on other green coloured cab, and call them fast"

And so I did.

I called them immediately. 02 - 6182680

The thing about Thailand is, they don't entertain people, especially not of their own kind, and I was redirected to several numbers.

1584,  and lastly

The first number redirect me to the second number, and the second number asked me to go directly to the police station, and after I bought my smart ticket (coin) to the nearest Airport Rail Link station that is close to a police station, I called them, and was redirected again, to a different number..

This time, I had a lengthy conversation with the lady over the phone. 

After I explained my case to her, she, with her lazy tone said that they cannot do anything unless someone else report that he or she found that camera, which is impossible. Nevertheless, she asked for my particulars, and my phone number.

"That is my Thai phone number. I'm going back to Malaysia tomorrow"
"Owh, can I have your email sir"
"It's adameben [at] ymail [dot] com"

And after I asked her should I make police report or not, she said "You can if you want to claim for insurance " but it is going to be very troublesome as I need to bring along with me, a translator.

I did plan to go to the police station, because that camera, is not cheap. And even more expensive if you compare the price of that camera, here in Thailand. But finding a translator ? Impossible. Not because I'm very shy, and is not willing to ask for someone else's help, no. Because more than 95% of Thais that I encountered during my stay here, did not understand a single word from me.

Fred by the way, is a Russian.
Sometimes, some people are way to extreme. Haha. Taken at the Bridge of River Kwai. I had few photos of my short trip transferred to the iTampon, but most of them like the camera, are gone-case.

And so, I canceled all my plans, and go straight to Bangkok Hua Lamphong train station, to change my ticket from Hua Hin to Sungai Kolok, to Bangkok to Sungai Kolok. I have to cancel Hua Hin, and decided to extend my stay here in Bangkok for few more hours as I'm still very hopeful that someone is kind enough to make a report after he or she, find that camera.

To make things even worse, there is no room available, near Hua Lamphong.  There is one however, but the price is a bit "premium".  But they don't accept Ringgit Malaysia. I am out of Bahts.

11th February 2013

10:30 AM - Made a call. Still, no one reporting that they found the camera.
12:30 PM - Made another call, and was told it was near impossible to find the camera

There are more than 1000 green coloured cabs in Bangkok Alone.

Give up.

Why, why, why ? What did I do wrong ? Here are some reflections for me : 

I only let my mom knows that I went to Thailand after I reached Bangkok. 
I am technically,  a bad Muslim, and I deserve this.
If this is His way to teach me, I'm glad that I lost only a camera, nothing more (hopefully)..
I'm very "attached" to that camera & I'm very emotional few hours after I lost it
After that, I did let that camera go, although I'm still very hopeful

Like Taylor Swift said, "Oooh..We are never ever ever geting back together"

And so ladies and gentlemen, here are the moral of the story.

Buy, buy, buy travel insurance. They cover almost everything, and also pay for any items that you lost, or damage while you are travelling. Not much, World Traveler insurance for example, cover up to 250 USD. Secondly, situation awareness is very important. Be alert, take note of everything if you decide to take a taxi - plat number, registration number, driver's licence etc. Third, no loose items. Store and place everything inside your backpack when you are on-the-go : your wallet, passports, phones and not forgetting, your camera. If you want to take picture of while you are walking for example (ehem) use a strap, and hang that camera on your neck. 

Sai - Yok Noi Waterfall. This is a part of the Special Excursion Train package available only on weekends & public holiday. The train depart from Bangkok Hua Lamphong to Nam Tok. Along the way it will stop at Nam Phon (site visit to one huge Wat) , Kanchanaburi & Tha Khalin (just before Bridge of the River Kwai, so that you have the chance to walk on that bridge) 

Now I need to find and save some money so that I can make love with other camera. But this is currently not in my top priority list.



  1. Reading this reminded me of my travel experience in Milan with my friend who accidentally left her travel documents in the bus, which includes her passport and my travel pass. I totally understand the havoc you had to go through and so sad to hear that you didn't get your camera back. My friend Syidi left his camera in the taxi in Krabi and didn't get it back too.

    Maybe instead of punishing yourself so hard thinking this is some kind of punishment from Him for not being the best Muslim, take it as a lesson to be careful in the future. Maybe, just maybe this is His way of saying something better is coming your way, just that something else had to be sacrificed. It may not seem that way now, but insyallah someday you would.

    As for travel insurance, got me thinking about that. Something I've not got around to do too.

    1. Syidi pun :O

      Sebenarnya takde lah sedih sangat, and i'm the one yang if anything bad happen to you, just let it be lah. Got it from my emak. Hahaha

  2. It's ok, ada rezeki lain tu nanti..insya Allah

  3. baru baca, siannya.

    takpa la.. lepas ni kumpul duit beli yang baru, yang lagi gempak okeh.


  4. la tahzan.. harap dapat semula kamera tu..huhuu

    1. 99% impossible. Dah lepaskan dia dah. Its ok :')

  5. baru sempat baca... ada hikmah nye tuh. nasib baik cill cepat, risau gak ari tuh.

    balik nnt we go lepak ang borak2, nak gak tau experience Kwai tuh.

  6. Sorry for your loss. Things happen for a reason. Like a rainbow after the rain, there's always a good thing later on. InsyaAllah. Chill!

    This reminded me of a friend who left our camera that he borrowed from us in a taxi in Australia too. Your entry made me realized on the importance of getting a travel insurance while travelling around. I remembered once when my boss keep telling and advising me to get a travel insurance and how important it is. He never failed to get one whenever he travel around.

    1. :)

      Now that this thing happened to me, i won't travel without one. And it's not that expensive pun, at least kita di cover.

  7. Sedangkan akak kalau tertinggal kamera di rumah pun dah tak ada mood nak teruskan perjalanan ini kan pula Adam. Tak apa Adam, nanti ada rezeki boleh beli kamera lain, ok.

    Jangan bersedih.

  8. salam bro , aku haqim (@zariffhaqim) twitter aku hehe , wehh aku ada baca pasal ticket airasia murah tu, macam mana nak dapat ticket yang sampai sen2 tu ek?

  9. Adam sorry to hear that! Teringat kak huda kat kamera yang adam nak bagi kak huda pinjam, and now you've lost a camera! Semoga Allah gantikan dengan sesuatu yang lebih baik.

  10. Mr adam kau ada twitter? follow aku @zariffhaqim serious senang doeh nak refer kau kalau aku nak pergi mana2 hahah

  11. berharap...yg hilang, diganti dengan lebih baik
    Allah tahu apa yg baik untuk hambaNya...
    be strong...

  12. I learned not to get too attached with material things :)
    Takpe, you can get a replacement for material things but not our loved ones (read; orang2 tersayang)

  13. aslkum.. u have so nice blog ...bleh sy follow u? if can pls follow me back ya.. thx =_=

  14. Cepat la update blog bro. Aku sedih baca post ni banyak2 kali. Huhuhuh

    Anyway, banyak bersabar ye. :)